OrderPoint Offers the Ultimate in Convenience

OrderPoint is an order management platform designed to provide you convenience in order placement and delivery, order monitoring, key metrics in title production and direct communication with our title order production network.

Your orders are instantly directed to the proper fulfillment center and immediately placed into production. You are notified the moment your order is completed, and you can download your order using a secure file link.

OrderPoint connects you with our vast array of data resources, including title plant data, property tax information, document images, maps, historical back plant data and starter records.

Order from a standard menu of Title Production Services, managed and fulfilled by trained and experienced search and examination professionals.

Request services that include residential and commercial property search packages, limited deed-forward searches, custom search requests, such as CC&R and easement documents, and specialized regional searches like corporate name, Indian land and street-and-deed searches.

With OrderPoint, you can:

  • Access our full range of standard and custom order production and research services through one interface.
  • Set your preferences for order types and elements; order monitoring, reporting and notifications; routing and fulfillment requirements by fulfillment channel and file type.
  • Monitor order production status.
  • Communicate with production teams.